Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am running away
from the road that used to seem so long
littered with an endless stream
of everything.

Now the road
is a hallway, dark and gloomy
with nothing beyond and
all behind me.

Wall clocks that dwarf,
count off seconds.
It's hands eerie, reaching out
with the Reaper's scythe,

synonymous to the thump-thump
of my beating heart;
and I run, clutching my sides
up the stairs, the halls and
through the door. Still, it follows me.

Escape eludes me
as I scramble for the exit
that fades, dancing away
from my fumbling grasp.

It'll soon be too late.

For Totally Optional Prompts

Okay, so intersection...
This came up as I was running late for class. It popped into my head while running, *ahem* I meant brisk walking, along the hallways. And then I wondered: What if I tripped and fell and hit my head really hard on the floor? Will I die? It was quite a morbid train of thought, really.
So this was born -- Time and death. Both things we all can never escape. =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If only I had time

If only I had time
to write it down,
the words that elude me.

I had them right here,
surrounding, taunting.
Then. . .

For One Single Impression

How to Fall

I met a clown,
Halfway through the circus,
On stilts, smiling down

At me.
He asked, "Would you like
a balloon, perhaps?"

"No, thank you.
What I want is to climb
up your stilts and see as you do."

"Well now, little girl
let me consider!
If you fall, you'll be none the wiser."

So he jumped off,
gave me the poles
and said,

"Don't look down now!
Look far and wide,
to the mounts, the hills and countryside."

But I did, yes I did
look down
and fell.

For Meme Express