Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something to Share

This is an old poem that I found lying around unfinished. I decided that it was high time to finish it and here's the end result.. Now, I only ask for TWO things: 1.) for you to share your understanding of the poem and; 2.) criticize it. Please? ^_^ Thank you.

Archivists Farce

Wisps of smoke sucked into a vortex
cloud the mind of an anxious complex.
Being of body, form and frame,
a figure cracked impassive to fame.

Chaos emulated on a grotesque outfit.
Riot embedded on black skirts; scarlet alphabet
twist metaphors and cut the mind with halting wit
on a warped strain of a string quartet.

Ancient scripts' articulated tragedies
befell on to the innocent's guilty lies.
Nominal diction contend Dantesque allegories -
a trait false gods and idols struggle to personify.

Conflict with the demons redeemed this soul gone astray.
Genuine hounds direct back the real path of mischief
as blessings in disguise curse the wicked influence the way
devils, imps and fiends plague the diffident and ill at ease.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Invitation In Lust

Don't you see? She wants you.
Her eyes follow you as you pass by.
She licks her lips and moans
when you smile.

Her hand strays close to yours
when you are near.
She presses her body to you, when
you hug her. I fear

Her eyes tell too much
of her desire
to kiss your lips until
her touch sets you on fire.

She means to make
you forget of your love for another.
She means to douse you in lust,
to take her as your lover.

And thus, you are warned
of this succubus' charm.
Don't fall for it, boy. Ignore
her invitation to do you harm.

For Sunday Scribblings: #129 Invitation

I am very much uninspired and.. and.. like a zombie, I am walking around with a blank stare. I need...something! Anything! So.. Comments and constructive criticisms are invited. A warm hug and a steaming cup of coffee await you. Just click on the comment button. XP

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm so uninspired. And I have a theory for it:

The moon wanes and I
have a hundred poems to write.
The moon fades - nothing.

Yes, I know. It's supposed to be a haiku but... it sucks.

Well, gives a new meaning to the word lunatic, doesn't it?

This is oh so insane.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The demon came
and put a seed of doubt
in man's heart asunder.

It's plan?
Mankind to conquer.

The angel came,
flew down
and planted another.

This time, a seed
of hope and courage yonder.

Man was left to pick,
to choose, a side
to ponder.

Which side will you take,
I wonder?

For One Single Impression


Hush, hear the pitter patter -
Tiny raindrops on the windows scatter.
If you don't keep quiet you may not hear
Listen closer, hush now, my dear.

Do you hear it now?

For Meme Express

**Uhm, its the best I could do today.. to tell you the truth, I think I'm still a bit...... intoxicated.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


If coffee can talk,
It will tell of success and victories.
Talk, coffee, talk.

It will tell tales of defeat
Of loss, of damage, of failure and of injuries,
If coffee can talk.

Tales of heartaches and moods downbeat
Of triumphs amidst difficulties.
Talk, coffee, talk.

Talk of crossroads where lovers meet
Or distant love over vast seas.
If coffee can talk,

It will tell of discussions and debates upbeat
Treaties signed and concessions to please.
Talk, coffee, talk.

Tell of grand festivals or a feast,
To put the old and young minds at ease
If coffee can talk.
Talk, coffee, talk.

For Sunday Scribblings

**I'm not sure if this counts as a Villanelle. Hmmm.. Does it?

Friday, September 12, 2008


I daresay, no one got it right.
I am no diseased mortal,
Nor am I a bloodied walking corpse.
I am not a monster of the night.

I am not a child of the moon.
I am not a bloodsucking murderer,
Nor am I anyone's worst nightmare.
I told you, no one got it right.

For Totally Optional Prompts

**Yes, my first ever. ^_^ I hope I got right.. or err, posted in time, even.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Recurring Cycle

Recurring Cycle
Flash Fiction

No more, please. No more.

Spasms rocked my lithe frame as another bout of pain washed over me. I gripped the flimsy blanket close to my chest, losing myself in my personal hell. My hands shivered, wet and clammy much like the rest of my body. I ground my teeth against the pain, closing my eyes and willing myself to ride the pain out. A wave of nausea followed and I could feel the bile rising from the back of my throat.

No, please.

A guttural moan reverberated throughout the room, the sound registering in my ears. It was a while before I realize that it was mine. I pain had left my ears ringing but it has subsided, leaving me queasy as I anticipated the next wave.

I gripped myself as I felt the pain staring to rise again. I flinched when I felt a warm, steady hand pressed to my forehead. I welcomed the warmth. My own skin was
cold and damp from the cold sweat that had broken out sometime after the pain went from tolerable to unbearable.

Another warm hand touched the side of my face, coupled with a soothing voice. "Sssh. I'm here now, love." The bed dipped as he lay down beside me, enfolding me in his arms.

A sob broke out against my stubborn will. "Please," I choked out the words. "Kill me now."

Gentle caresses met my request. But it did nothing for the rising crest of pain that seized me. My body rocked and I hissed, thrashing as the pain crested.

And then, peace - or something akin to it. The tiny prick of the needle on my arm was insignificant. It didn't register in my pain-addled brain. Perhaps it did.

My eyelids felt heavy and my body was humming - peacefully numb. The pain was still there, only it didn't hurt as much as it should.

His voice sounded so far way but I heard his sigh of relief. His hands were still on me, embracing me. "Sleep, Aki." he whispered.

I almost didn't catch it. I smiled and mumbled in response, "I hate being a girl."

His low chuckle was the last I heard before sleep claimed me, the pain now a mere dull throbbing at the background.


**I posted this on my DA too. This is my first shot at this.