Sunday, October 5, 2008

On Hiatus

Ok, I'm off for a week or so. It's a week before the exams and we all know how OC I can get about "studying". Or, well, trying to study.

I promise I'll post my poem for Voices of the Underground when I get back. Voices is a poetry reading group that meets every Saturday. I met the guys yesterday and was chosen (by the ballpen) to write a poem for MassKara or Masks.

I swear I'm posting a poem, okay? I'll be about the City of Smiles' October festival, MassKara. Just click on the link for more information about it. I'm inviting you to go and visit Bacolod. You'll enjoy it, I promise. =P

1 comment:

kouji said...

i've been to bacolod, and yes i did enjoy the trip. :) great seafood. :O good luck with the exams. :)