Saturday, August 9, 2008

On Writing and that b*tch, Writer's Block

I've been staring at a blank screen for the past hour. I have nothing to write about. My day was eventful, yes, and yet I couldn't find the right words to put them all down.

There! Three sentences and I have officially exhausted my knowledge of the English language.

I've got a bad case of writer's block
And, no, I'm not on crack...

See? Lame. Tsk. Anything to make it rhyme. Besides, writing about (blogging, really) writer's block won't make it go away. Or will it? I need to surround myself with people who have something important to say.

Anyway, on to updates! I have decided to start writing fiction again after my short stint on poetry. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop writing poetry anytime soon. It's just that I have no ideal topics in mind, plus I'm not as inspired to write as I was earlier this year.

So yeah, fiction. Here is a list of what I'm currently working on:

1. A collaboration with a friend on his series, Blood and Gore. Chapters will be written in alternate. This means that I write the odd chapters and he writes the even chapters. We started it off as him writing both Chapter One and Two as they were written before the idea of collaboration came up. I am now trying to finish Chapter Three to no avail.

2. A Part Two of my character, Captain Nicolette Joanne Blanchfleur also known as the Scorpion Rouge (Red Scorpion), leader of the Scorpion Rouge Mercenary Group. I left Part One of her story hanging because I love cliffhangers. *evil grin*

3. I have decided to try my hand at formal writing. Although I am a firm believer that too much rules constricts creativity, education does not hurt.

..and there ends this uh, how should I say this? Uneventful? Crappy? Not even worth blogging about? (What? Come on, tell me.) post.


kouji said...

cool. :) haven't even attempted to do fiction since my high school days. long time ago. :O good luck with that. :)

Aki Nominal said...

Haha! Thank you, Kouji XD