Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Peace and War

Ceasefire? Bullshit.

I saw a debate on TV today about the issue on what to do with the conflict going on in Mindanao - all-out war or peace? One of the topics touched was the ceasefire signed by both parties for the meantime. What's ironic is, almost 50 people died including children, women and civilians. Tsk, ceasefire my ass.

I'm not on site, nor am I behind the scenes with this on-going war. I'm only a student viewing the news. But, I'm a Filipina student and that makes one hell of a difference. I could see how much this war is taking a toll on our country's economy. Oil prices are shooting up, the peso is going down, etcetera. Or maybe it's the other way around? Our plummeting economy brings out the war freaks - killing and looting.

It seemed so natural for them to say that they now own this and that land by forcing the previous owners out with the threat of possible torture and death. It was almost with glee that they mention how their side defeated the other yesterday or how they have driven out the other away from the place of power. Ah, bloodshed makes me tingle. My insides feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about that bullet lodged in my enemy's flesh.. sweet sweet murder.

Heard about the butchered 2-yr old kid? My knowledge of their religion (or even mine, for that matter) isn't as extensive as some. But I'm pretty damn sure no man/woman with a heart and who fears God or Allah can stomach butchering an innocent child.

On the question of peace or war, I strongly believe that peace is definitely the way to go. War, even used as a means to an end, is still war. Both sides will lose and ultimately, our Motherland will go the dogs.

This is the 21st century, people. We are not cavemen who solve problems by eliminating the other force. We are learned and educated individuals who, for thousands of years now, have had a system of communication. The era where grunts and growls punctuate our actions are long since over... Unless you're still stuck at the Stone Age in which case, you need some serious schooling. Peace! ^_^v


kouji said...

a terrible situation. we deserve better leaders than this. and we need to be able to frame the debate better. it's not a choice of either all out war or peace. it's about a combination of diplomacy, economic bargaining, appeals to common humanity, and force only as a last resort, and in keeping with the principles of necessity, proportionality, and the avoidance of unnecessary suffering. :(

Aki Nominal said...

I wish everyone could see it that way, Kouji. But some people in power are all too caught up in greed. All they think about is how much money they can get out of this and that. They just want to rise and they don't even think of how their actions can affect all those under them. They won't even listen, anymore. They just want what they want.