Saturday, September 6, 2008

Recurring Cycle

Recurring Cycle
Flash Fiction

No more, please. No more.

Spasms rocked my lithe frame as another bout of pain washed over me. I gripped the flimsy blanket close to my chest, losing myself in my personal hell. My hands shivered, wet and clammy much like the rest of my body. I ground my teeth against the pain, closing my eyes and willing myself to ride the pain out. A wave of nausea followed and I could feel the bile rising from the back of my throat.

No, please.

A guttural moan reverberated throughout the room, the sound registering in my ears. It was a while before I realize that it was mine. I pain had left my ears ringing but it has subsided, leaving me queasy as I anticipated the next wave.

I gripped myself as I felt the pain staring to rise again. I flinched when I felt a warm, steady hand pressed to my forehead. I welcomed the warmth. My own skin was
cold and damp from the cold sweat that had broken out sometime after the pain went from tolerable to unbearable.

Another warm hand touched the side of my face, coupled with a soothing voice. "Sssh. I'm here now, love." The bed dipped as he lay down beside me, enfolding me in his arms.

A sob broke out against my stubborn will. "Please," I choked out the words. "Kill me now."

Gentle caresses met my request. But it did nothing for the rising crest of pain that seized me. My body rocked and I hissed, thrashing as the pain crested.

And then, peace - or something akin to it. The tiny prick of the needle on my arm was insignificant. It didn't register in my pain-addled brain. Perhaps it did.

My eyelids felt heavy and my body was humming - peacefully numb. The pain was still there, only it didn't hurt as much as it should.

His voice sounded so far way but I heard his sigh of relief. His hands were still on me, embracing me. "Sleep, Aki." he whispered.

I almost didn't catch it. I smiled and mumbled in response, "I hate being a girl."

His low chuckle was the last I heard before sleep claimed me, the pain now a mere dull throbbing at the background.


**I posted this on my DA too. This is my first shot at this.


charnybomber said...

took your best shot,eh?

Well,you made it,aki...XD

Aki Nominal said...

Thank you, Adz =)

KJT said...

XD. I seriously thought this had sexual innuendos. Very good. You fooled me, so it's very good. hahaha

Aki Nominal said...

Haha!! Thanks, Kurt. XP