Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm so uninspired. And I have a theory for it:

The moon wanes and I
have a hundred poems to write.
The moon fades - nothing.

Yes, I know. It's supposed to be a haiku but... it sucks.

Well, gives a new meaning to the word lunatic, doesn't it?

This is oh so insane.


kouji said...

:D lunatic... nice. :)

i rather like the haiku actually. :P

when i feel uninspired, i check out other people's haikus, and i visit the prompt pages. i find it easier to write when i'm forced to write with certain constraints.

Kazansky said...

NOT EVERYTHING FALLS IN AUTUMN. For example, the trees themselves don't fall, governments don't fall, etc. etc. lol

Aki Nominal said...

Thanks, Kouji :) I'm trying to get my brain sparking with the prompts but nothing works so far..

Wow Kaz, that was pretty fast. I only gave you the link minutes ago.

Anyway, yes you're right. Not everything falls during the autumn season. But, I meant that in another way entirely.. Up to you if you get it or not. =)